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Best Business Practices to get Through COVID-19

Getting your business through COVID-19

We’re encouraging our team members to pause and reflect, as the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly changes
the way we work, interact, and even think. Here’s what Shawn has to say:

My name is Shawn Sears and I have been in the Telecommunications industry for 17 years. I am
currently a Business Solutions Specialist at the Phone Experts, supporting Business and Corporate
customers with TELUS products, solutions, and other technology platforms.

I have been inspired to write this message as I reflect on the rapid changes globally due to the
COVID-19 pandemic. In my lifetime, I have not experienced anything quite like this…with so much
uncertainty, economic impact, and self-isolation practices.

Businesses of all sizes are forced to make difficult decisions on how they will survive these
unprecedented times. Some were forced to lay off team members and close their doors indefinitely.
Others are operating as an essential service with teams setting up home offices. And everyone is just
trying to ride this thing out. Everyone is pivoting to make the best of a bad situation and hopefully
come out stronger on the other side.

Here’s what I suggest to those adapting to working at home:
Use Cloud technology with platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Online Meetings, Office 365, and
even social media! The options are endless.

Cloud communications can empower you and your staff to work from home, connect with one
another, and aid in interactions with customers, merchants and vendors. It’ll help maintain a “business
as usual” feel (though it’s far from it) and allow you to continue serving your clients in the best way

A few more advantages of using Cloud services are:

Ransomware and other malicious attacks are very common. Cloud keeps your data safe and sound, so
you don’t have to worry.

Having the ability to communicate and access your systems from anywhere makes you flexible and
available to your customers.

Adjust your plan as your business evolves. The last thing you need are limitations – avoid that by
using this great technology.

Read how Cloud services can serve you better here:

If you’re still curious and want to learn more, I’d love to chat! Drop me a message:

O | 587-600-0690
C | 403-807-3701

There you have it! We’re all learning and growing as we navigate uncharted waters. You are not alone,
and we can help you make positive adjustments to business operations. Shawn and the rest of our team
members are here for you.

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