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Two Way Radios, Save The Day!

Seeing the direction the world is moving with the incredible advancements in technology the last 10 years with Smartphones, Smartwatches, VOIP phone systems, GPS tracking. These solutions have streamlined processes and helped companies become more efficient, However in some cases the “old school” way of doing things still applies. The Phone Experts has been committed to providing their clients with connectivity through the Telus network for many years, but what happens when you need communication while outside of the convenience of the Telus Mobility network, or the ability to connect to the internet? That’s where our wide range of RCA 2 way radio solutions come into play.

2 Way Radio solutions
What Industries are still using 2 way Radios?

A lot of people think that 2 way radios have gone by the waste side but in fact Alberta still has a very large market for 2 way radios and currently has thousands of 2 way radio users throughout the province in the trucking industry, security, police and fire depts., oil and gas, warehouses etc. the beauty of 2 way radio communication is it’s instant! No need to dial a number or connect to a network, as long as you are in range with the person you are looking to communicate with communication is just the push of a button away.

How does a 2 way Radio work?

The portable radios Phone Experts sell range from 4-5 watts which gives the user 4-5 miles in range, but that can be increased dramatically with repeater systems, satellite systems that can shoot communication across the province if need be, or the introduction on ROIP (Radio Over IP)… like VOIP (Voice over IP). ROIP is a great solution if you have staff working in an area that has access to WIFI, if an internet connection is accessible the users can communicate over that connection, the radios work just like a smartphone, you connect the radio to the network and now you are able to talk to all the other radios in your fleet that are connected to the internet.
A great feature of ROIP is say you are a company that provides security services to Retail Malls across the country, unlike your traditional analog 2 way radio that only gives you 4-5 miles in range due to the ROIP radios being connected to the internet it allows you to communicate anywhere in the country due to the frequency being broadcasted across the internet VS a UHF or VHF frequency this allows customers to communicate nationwide and not just in a specific area. Like all technology 2 Way radio technology is constantly improving and providing business with ways of communication where cellphones and phone systems are not viable. At the Phone Experts we are committed to providing our clients with communication inside and outside of the coverage of a network.

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